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Jasmine Zufelt

Owner / Stylist

People ask me, “when did you know you'd be a hairstylist ?”  The truth is, I don’t remember a time I didn’t love hair. I truly love my job. I always have. I’m constantly inspired to learn and grow for my clients. I believe feeling good about your hair can translate to feeling great about life. 

I am proud to be the owner of Urban Rose Salon.  Bringing together amazing artists while upholding a high environmental standard is a dream realized.

My process is a collaborative effort. I want every client to leave my chair feeling like the most beautiful version of themselves and to also have the skills to recreate their hairstyle at home. This is achieved through a thorough consultation, education in styling and tools to recreate their look.

I have over 20 years of experience behind the chair and am incredibly passionate about my industry. 

Hair....it’s a big deal.



I LOVE my new hair. You’re a color master Jasmine and I am one lucky girl to have had you as my hairdresser for over a decade.
Jasmines been cutting my hair for many years now: she is meticulous and thoughtful. She know that I want cuts that don’t require heavy styling and always delivers. In fact, her cuts are so good, people often think I do a lot of styling: nope, the excellent cut is doing the work for me. Jasmine is fantastic.
Jasmine is my stylist and I’ve followed her around since I found her in 2000. I have an epic mane and Jasmine is an artist, so we are a good fit. Highly recommend!